Riverhaven Farm


Sustainable Farming

Riverhaven Farm is an ecological farm situated along the Nooksack River in Lynden, WA.  In our view, an ecological farm attempts to utilize or mimic nature through a diverse biology and focus on building rich, healthy soils.  You may have heard the sayings, "You are what you eat," and, "You are what your animals eat".  What your animals eat comes from the soil as does much of the fruit and vegetables we eat.  It is our goal to produce the healthiest, most humane meats possible.  We do not use any pesticides or commercial fertilizers as they are known to destroy the complex universe of soil organisms and bind nutrients, making them unavailable to plants.  On-farm composting and intensively managed grazing are some of the ways we attempt to mimic natural processes.


"At Riverhaven, things are a bit different."

Sustainable Connections

Riverhaven Processing


WSDA Certified Poultry Processing

On site at Riverhaven Farm we have a fully WSDA certified Poultry processing facility capable of processing chickens, and turkeys. We offer affordable prices, and aim to give you the best service available. Due to limited demand during the Winter season processing requires a minimum amount of birds be scheduled on any given day, therefor processing days are restricted and only available when at least 50 chickens or 20 turkeys have been booked.