Riverhaven Farm


Sustainable Farming


ASKING $750,000



Riverhaven Farm is an ecological farm situated along the Nooksack River in Lynden, WA.  In our view, an ecological farm attempts to utilize or mimic nature through a diverse biology and focus on building rich, healthy soils.  You may have heard the sayings, "You are what you eat," and, "You are what your animals eat".  What your animals eat comes from the soil as does much of the fruit and vegetables we eat.  It is our goal to produce the healthiest, most humane meats possible.  We do not use any pesticides or commercial fertilizers as they are known to destroy the complex universe of soil organisms and bind nutrients, making them unavailable to plants.  On-farm composting and Management Intensive Grazing are some of the ways we attempt to mimic natural processes.


741 RIVER RD, LYNDEN, WA 98264

·         22 ACRES; 10 acres woods, 10 acres pastures, 2 acres buildings, gardens, fruit trees, herbs, berries; Nooksack River is southern boundary, and Fishtrap Creek is western boundary of property.  1.5 miles to city of Lynden

·         Remodeled farmhouse with updated kitchen and bath, 2-3 bedrooms, office, sunroom, wood storage, propane furnace, on demand hot water, flush toilet & composting outhouse.  New roof, wiring, plumbing, windows and insulation.  Appliances included.

·         Barn raised and rebuilt to include –

o   1st floor Primary residence integrated into north side of barn with 13 foot ceilings, 2 bedrooms tile bath with radiant heat, modern kitchen with views of Mt Baker, gardens and fields.  On demand hot water, wood heat, composting flush toilet.

o 1st floor apartment/bedroom for guests, workers or farm B&B

o   2nd floor studio apartment with kitchen, currently rented through work/trade agreement by carpenter responsible for most of farm construction the last 7 years

o   2nd floor; 3 small apartment/bedrooms for guests, workers or farm B&B; shared bath with composting flush toilet and full kitchen with appliances and tremendous views.

o   3rd floor has large office with best views of property and mountains; heated storage area as well as large open space for storage or another living area.

o   4th floor undeveloped.

o   The barn has insulated concrete set up for radiant heat, vinyl windows with composite trim throughout and clad in steel siding and roof. 

o   Central barn area was WA Dept of Ag certified poultry processing area along with plentiful storage areas.

·         Sheep barn with haymow and rainwater collection system

·         Shop on South side of barn

·         Garage with 3 bays

·         Greenhouse

·         3 large wood ricks with several years of dried wood; spit and stacked

·         3 ponds; two with duck houses, 3 animal sheds, winter chicken house, pig shelter

·         Hedgerows with fruit trees, berry bushes, and herbs, including; numerous varieties of apples, pears, plums, cherries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, josta berries, red and black currants, and much more.

·         Grape arbor with several mature varieties


Rental Income: Estimated based upon previous rents:


Farmhouse 2-3 bdrm/1 bth - $1,500/month (vacant)

Barn Lower 2 bdrm/1bth - $1,200/month (owner’s residence)

Studio apt - $650/month (currently rented to maintenance supervisor)

1 bdrm shared kitchen/bath - $400-600/month X 4 = $1600-2,400/month

Office/storage - $500-1,000/month

Processing facility - $500-1,000/month

Total Revenue - $5,950-7,750/month


Processing Facility Example: based upon 2018 revenue

Following depends upon equipment and crew.


300 chickens/day X $4 each = $1,200 X 3 days/week = $14,400/month

600 chickens/day X $4 each = $2,400 X 5 days/week = $48,000/month

Total Revenue - $14,400-48,000/month


Come visit our farm; by appointment (360) 306-9729 or richard@riverhavenfarm.org


"At Riverhaven, things are a bit different."

Sustainable Connections


"The production that makes up Riverhaven Farm is no accident."

The Lynden Tribune


Pastured Poultry

Riverhaven Farm prides itself on raising the best tasting and most nutritious chicken possible.  After a few weeks in the brooder, the birds are put on pasture in a variety of mobile houses, where they eat grass/clover mix and forage for insects.  In addition to organic/soy free feed, they get spent brewery/distillery grains and organic apple cider vinegar.  We process the birds in our on-farm WSDA licensed facility and package them for sale.  We store them in the cooler up to one week before freezing(aging) to enhance flavor and tenderness.  Fresh chicken and parts are available every week during the season, and frozen chicken and parts are available till sold out.  See our price list below.

Breast (Bone-in)             $9.00/lb SOLD OUT

Breast (Boneless)           $8.00/lb SOLD OUT

Breast Quarter                $7.00/lb SOLD OUT

Drumsticks                     $6.00/lb SOLD OUT

Feet                               $4.00/lb SOLD OUT

Gizzard                          $4.00/lb SOLD OUT

Half Chicken                   $8.00/lb SOLD OUT

Heart                              $5.00/lb SOLD OUT

Leg Quarters                   $7.00/lb SOLD OUT

Soup pack (backs/necks) $3.50/lb SOLD OUT

Thighs                            $7.50/lb SOLD OUT

Whole Cornish Broiler     $5.00/lb SOLD OUT

Whole Ranger Broiler      $6.00/lb SOLD OUT

Wings                             $4.00/lb SOLD OUT

Whole turkey $7.00/lb SOLD OUT


Ducks- live $15 each SOLD OUT

Hens - Egg layers $15 each SOLD OUT



FEMALE SHEEP (8 Left) - $150 each



Riverhaven Processing


WSDA Certified Poultry Processing

We are not taking orders for processing at this time due to sale of farm.

On site at Riverhaven Farm we have a WSDA certified Poultry processing facility capable of processing chickens, and turkeys. We offer affordable prices, and aim to provide the best service available. Processing season runs May - December with processing on Monday - Thursday of each week. Currently, 150-250 Broilers and 60 Turkeys make up a full day.  If the calendar shows less than 150 Broiler chickens, then space is available that day.

All processing days requires a minimum amount of birds be scheduled. At least 100 chickens or 20 turkeys need to be scheduled but several smaller customers can be combined to reach the minimum. See the Processing Calendar below for availability. 


We offer either vacuum seal or shrink wrap of whole chickens. Turkeys are most often shrink wrapped. Packages are labeled with process date, weight, and safe handling instructions. 

We offer cut-ups for $3.00 per chicken plus 25 cents per vacuum seal bag.

Giblets: necks, hearts and livers packaged and labeled in 1 or 2 pound bags at no extra charge. Feet and gizzards cleaned and packaged for $2.00 per pound.

To schedule processing, please send email to richard@riverhavenfarm.org with name, phone and requested date(s) of processing.  Include type and estimated number of poultry. You will receive a confirmation email within 5 days.

Prior to processing, animals should be crated, free from food, grass and grit for 12-18 hours, well hydrated and free from illness or disease. Crates are available for rent @$2.00 each (includes cleaning)

Late fee and no shows - $50